About the Ten Percent Group

What is the Ten Percent Group?

The Ten Percent Group is a collection of websites all with one overriding principle: we donate 10% of our net profits to charity on an annual basis.

Who owns the Ten Percent Group?

Most of the websites within the group are owned and operated by Ten-Percent.co.uk Limited. Some of the sites are part owned by other investors and Ten-Percent.co.uk Limited but the principle of donating 10% profits remains the same.

What are the websites in the Ten Percent Group?

We have a range of sites that fall into the following categories:

Which Charities do you Donate to?

We donate via the Ten Percent Foundation, a charitable trust registered with The Charity Commission in the UK. For full details of the charity please click here.

History of the Ten Percent Group of Websites

The Ten Percent Group of websites began operating in April 2000, when Ten-Percent Legal Recruitment was set up. Ten Percent Legal has always been a small, specialist online Legal Recruitment consultancy, and is privately owned by the three directors. The company concentrates on the recruitment of Solicitors, Legal Executives and legal support staff. Over 10,000 solicitors are registered and we have worked with hundreds of law firms across the UK.

As the company has expanded, we have also increased the websites and services we offer. Ten-Percent also owns Chancery Lane – a legal jobs board, Jonathan Fagan – specialist brokers for accountants and solicitors, Ten Percent Unlimited – fixed fee recruitment and many more.

We branched into transcription work in 2002 when a solicitors firm asked if we could find a secretary to transcribe a police station interview and we have not looked back since. TP Transcription Limited specialises in academic and business transcription work and our flagship transcription site, UniversityTranscriptions.co.uk, has worked with just about every university in the UK and many more overseas.

The overriding principle of our businesses is to ensure we donate 10% of our profits to charity. We try to donate responsibly – we vehemently oppose the notion of charities paying high salaries to attract quality staff – we do not accept this as being compatible with charitable giving. At the same time we want to encourage other companies to donate a percentage of their profits to charity as well.