Associate Transcriber Contract

IT IS AGREED as follows:

  1.  The Consultant as an independent Contractor for all purposes agrees to furnish all the labour and materials as may reasonably be required to complete the following Project:
  2. The completion of ongoing transcription work for 12 months from the date of this contract. The contract will then continue on a monthly basis until notice is given by either party.
  3. The Consultant agrees to perform the work in a good and professional manner and to comply with any reasonable directions given by the Client. If any specification is required, it is attached to and forms part of this agreement.
  4. The Consultant agrees that the operation of the contract will be for 12 months.
  5. The Client agrees to pay the Consultant a variable fee dependent on the type of transcription work undertaken. This will be agreed between the parties prior to each separate piece of transcription being completed. Payment will be made following full performance of the Consultant’s obligations for each separate piece of transcription work. This sum will be paid to the Consultant at regular intervals as required.
  6. The Client agrees to indemnify and hold the Consultant free from any claims or liabilities arising from the Consultant's work under this agreement.
  7. The Consultant will use her own equipment and materials to complete the work.
  8. Without prejudice to any rights or remedies which the Client may possess, if the Consultant shall make default in the following respect: without reasonable cause, she wholly fails to complete any part of the work satisfactorily for the purposes of the Client; then the Client may issue a notice to the Consultant specifying the default. If the Consultant shall either continue such default for 72 hours after receipt of the notice or shall at any time thereafter repeat such default, then the Client may by written notice immediately end this agreement.
  9. The Consultant can sub-contract the work to other suitable parties as necessary. There is no obligation for him/her to undertake the work directly himself/herself.
  10. The Consultant has already signed a confidentiality undertaking, and this is included as part of this contract.
  11. Unsatisfactory work requiring correction as detailed in paragraph 7 must be undertaken at the Consultant’s own time and expense.
  12. The law of England and Wales shall govern this agreement.

Signed by Anna Gresty, Managing Director of TP Transcription Limited on 26th May 2024

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